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    Let me guess, you’re looking for the full Yorn quest list? I’ve got you covered. With tons of quests and collectibles, Lost Ark is a huge online role-playing game featuring traditional group dungeons (which you can play solo), story missions, and there is even a ship for you to explore its gigantic world alongside your crew. All along the way, you will encounter powerful final bosses and massive battles, which are one of the keys to the success of this Korean MMORPG.

    What’s Yron? Well, it’s an underground country made by the Umar tribe to overcome the barren environment and to more efficiently obtain the resources of the land. Yorn, the land of the Umar, overcoming the environmental disadvantages thanks to their crafting skills, evolved over a long process of time until it attained its current majestic aspect.

    Compared to other regions in Lost Ark, the Yorn world questline is a bit richer in terms of content and the time it takes to go through the whole quest list. which is by no mean a short one, as you’ll soon discover. Some of the Yorn quests are given by NPCs while others are simply random encounters that appear after completing certain tasks.

    Some quests require you to complete a certain number of objectives before you can complete them, while others simply require you to eliminate all enemies within range using certain weapons or spells, such as magic spells or guns, etc…

    Yorn World Quests list Lost Ark

    Lost Ark: Yorn Quests List [2022 UPDATED]

    Here is the full Yorn Quest list in order:

    Yorn World Adventure Quests:

    • Let There Be Light
    • The Legend Sings

    Yorn World Roster Quests:

    • Father Knows Best
    • Soul Applicant
    • Hope for Happiness
    • Father and Daughter
    • Road to Success
    • A Legendary Dish
    • A Legendary Meal
    • In Search of Legendary Beer
    • A Hidden Beer
    • Follow Your Nose
    • Splendid Ore
    • Stolen Gems
    • Avenge the Gems
    • Smooth as Worms
    • Ancient Treasure
    • Bulletproof Cream Hits the Market
    • Ebentur, the Legendary Adventurer

    Yorn World Normal Quests:

    • The Master of Jokes
    • Broken Back, Broken Life
    • What He Fears the Most
    • The Abducted Umars
    • Missing Child
    • Danger: High Water Pressure!
    • The Temperature of Beer
    • The Work Goes On
    • Objection!
    • Rest in Peace, Demons
    • Keepers of the Graves
    • Information Security!

    In case you’d like a more visual rundown of every quest listed above, Leeroy Gankins made this awesome video sharing his full process Questing in Yorn:

    Yorn Questline Duration & Rewards

    How Long is Yorn Questline in Lost Ark? It’s probably safe to say that Yorn takes between 1.5 and 3 hours to fully complete, all depending on if the players take and complete as many side quests as they can along the way.

    How about the Yorn Questline rewards? There’s no shortage of rewards for those who completed Yorn’s quest series. In addition to g, including weapons that increase your melee damage while using a shield! You’ll also earn enough experience points (XP) and gold to level up multiple times.

    Not only that but some hidden parts of the world will be available once you’ve completed all of Yorn’s quests, like Feiton which is the next destination after you’re done with Yorn.

    With this our Yorn World Quest list rundown is almost finished, Before you leave just yet, make sure to check some of our other Lost Ark guides and articles.

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