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    What do polar bears eat in Minecraft? This is a question that needs an easy answer, right? With all of the adorable animals in this game, there can’t be a challenge that you have trouble answering right? Well, keep reading to find out what polar bears eat in Minecraft. Our previous Minecraft guide covered what do horses eat in Minecraft. Unlike that things can get a bit complicated when it comes to the polar bears in Minecraft, what to feed them and how to tame them isn’t as straightforward as it is with other mobs in Minecraft.

    Before anything else, keep in mind that the polar bear is a neutral mod, it won’t attack you, but be careful. They are usually accompanied by their cubs, getting too close to them can make them become hostile… and no one likes a hostile Polar Bear in Minecraft haha, especially not Steve.

    Anyway, getting on with the tutorial, before even trying to feed a polar bear and learning what do they eat in Minecraft. we first need to find one. To do that you need to find a snowy area and some Polar Bears hanging around. Ideally, you should have them close enough distance to your home, because otherwise, it will be a real ordeal to relocate them to their new home.

    what do polar bears eat in minecraft

    what do polar bears eat in Minecraft?

    As mentioned before, Polar bears in Minecraft can become aggressive toward the players if they try to harm their cubs. You are better off keeping your distance or running away from polar bears and letting them mind their own business. Most polar bears in Minecraft will either spawn in snowy or mountainous environments or hang around really cold & icy forests.

    what do polar bears eat in Minecraft? They will primarily feed on raw fish. though sometimes they might also consume raw meat, unlike some other NPC species or mobs in Minecraft such as cats or dolphins that don’t have a preference for fish species, polar bears have an obvious preference for salmon and raw cod.

    Keep in mind that raw salmon can very helpful when it comes to taming or breeding polar bears in Minecraft, so if you plan to tame one you’ll need a lot and a lot of raw fish. below is a visual tutorial made by our friends at AserGaming showing you exactly how to tame a polar bear step by step, with no steps skipped:

    We’ve tried out best to make this Minecraft guide short and to the point, you now should have a clear idea about what do polar bear eats in Minecraft. If you’re an avid Minecraft player, then make sure to check our other Minecraft tutorials here or if you’ve got any questions related to polar bears or any other Minecraft mobs, then please feel free to leave them in the comments section down below.

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