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    What do horses eat in Minecraft? That’s a rather good question. Indeed, horses have a very important role to play in Minecraft. They are needed to be used to oxygenate the lava in the higher areas, pull minecarts through underground tunnels, and do various other tasks necessary to keep you moving forward in this game.

    If you’re looking for What do Horses Eat In Minecraft and are not entirely sure of how to get started, then this guide is for you! Horses in Minecraft need food. What that food is will be different depending on what sort of horse it is because there are over 5 different types of Minecraft horses, each with a different diet.

    Horses are one of the oldest and most commonly encountered animals in Minecraft. They were first introduced to the game in 2012 as part of the 1.4 “Pretty Scary Update”, and can now be found all over this world!. As mentioned before Horses play an important role in Minecraft, pulling mine carts through underground tunnels or helping players travel long distances without having to walk themselves (which can be very tiring).

    What do Horses Eat in Minecraft

    What do Horses Eat in Minecraft? [Beginner Friendly Guide]

    Here is a list of all the food Horses can mean in Minecraft:

    • Hay Bales
    • Sugar
    • Golden Apples
    • Wheat
    • Golden Carrots
    • Apples

    Here is an in-depth chart showcasing all the food horses can eat in Minecraft and also its effect on them:

    Food Healing Value How Much Growth Progresses How Much Temper Increases
    Sugar 1 HP (half of a Heart) 30 Seconds 3
    Wheat 2 HP (1 Heart) 20 Seconds 3
    Apple 3 HP (1 and a half Hearts) 1 Minute 3
    Golden Carrot 4 HP (2 Hearts) 1 Minute 5
    Golden Apple 10 HP (5 Hearts) 4 Minutes 10
    Hay Bale 20 HP (10 Hearts) 3 Minutes Cannot be fed to wild Horses

    What do Horses Eat in Minecraft? In terms of what they eat, there are various foods such as sugar, wheat, apples, carrots, bread, and hay bales. The golden versions of carrots and apples which are obtained by crafting one of these foods with eight gold bars attached to it are mainly used to breed two horses and thus produce offspring. All of the previously mentioned foodstuffs are useful for healing them, for they are our adventuring companions that we want to keep healthy and contented.

    In case the above chart is too confusing for you, here is a visual tutorial explaining it more simply:

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    In case you’ve got any questions related to what do horses can eat or how to tame them, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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