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    What Are Origin Points? that’s a great question, though you might not like the answer to it haha. Origin Points are obtained by participating in promotions or doing other activities like playing a game or taking a survey. Participating in these activities gives you a chance to win points on a random basis. The more activities you complete, the better your chances of accumulating these Points.

    New players may get confused when they first hear the term: Origin Points. That’s why today on OffmetaGaming, we’ll go over what exactly Origin Points are, how to can you get them, and also cover all the ways they are used for.

    What Are Origin Points & How To Get and Redeem Them

    What Are Origin Points?

    Origin Points are a new way to showcase your Origin experience. Simply put, they serve as a visual representation of how much you’re skilled at gaming on Origin. As you engage with the Origin Community, you’ll earn points. The more points you earn, the higher your level and status will be. Your points will also help other Origin members judge how skilled and knowledgeable you are about everything EA-related.

    PS: Origin points are nothing but a number you see on your screen, they are pretty similar to achievements, and shouldn’t be mistaken for Bioware points, which we can use to purchase some DLC for the old Bioware games. Origin points should not be seen as a currency, but rather as a form of entertainment.

    How To Get Origin Points?

    How to get Origin Points? You can earn Origin points by performing tasks such as completing activities in your favorite games, and by participating in special events. These activities might include:

    • Log-ing into your account.
    • Playing online with friends.
    • Taking part in community events (like contests or surveys)
    • Sharing content through social media.
    • Playing certain games or collecting certain achievements.

    How To Redeem Origin Points?

    How to redeem Origin Points? Unlike Bioware Points, Origin Points can’t be redeemed and till today EA has not chosen to put a purpose for these imaginary and useless points. It would be rather exciting to have the Origin Points system revamped, like adding an option to use your points to buy items like in-game consumables and time-saving boosts. Or even turn them into gift cards that you can use to pay for your favorite games and gear.

    To sum things up, Origin Points are more or less useless. However, there is always hope that one day EA would consider turning them into something that rewards players for their loyalty to the community, this would be highly appreciated and this would end up benefiting EA the most, especially that other platforms like Steam and Xbox already have a loyalty rewards system in place. Hope EA will take a freaking hint soon and do something similar.

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