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    The following is a list of all 70 Victoria 2 console commands, aka cheats. All the commands in the chart below contain commands from all the available DLCs, including Hearts of Darkness.

    The makers of the Europa Universalis saga are behind the second release of Victoria, a historical strategy or RTS game set in the First World War. Just like the first Victoria, the title gives the player the capability to assume the control and management of a State and manage all the political, diplomatic, economic, military, and technological aspects of it.

    Victoria 2 console commands are not considered real cheats and are 100% safe to use, by using these console commands players benefit from various kinds of features such as more in-game currency , prestige, and also some help with the Construction of Units and Buildings.

    If you chose to, you can still enjoy the Victoria 2 without using any cheats or Console commands. However most players opt-in to use them since they give you a clear edge in the game, plus the ability to control absolutely everything in your nation, from attributes, units, modes, and new functions. etc…

    Victoria 2 Console Commands

    Victoria 2 Console Commands List

    Here is the full list of all the available Victoria 2 console commands :

    Victoria 2 Console Commands List :

    Cheat Description:

    money (amount) Adds the specified amount of money to your current nation balance.
    cash: Earn 1k effective points to your nation’s reserves
    prestige (amount) You add the amount of prestige you want to your nation.Unlike the previous command, here if you are going to need to have the Hearts of Darkness DLC installed, if you do not have it, the command will add 55 points by default regardless of the amount you enter.
    leadership (amount) It will increase your leadership value by the amount you specify.Without DLC: 100 points will be added by default regardless of the amount you enter.
    goods (amount) Add a specific amount of goods.
    plurality (amount) Establishes the plurality of the country.
    revolt  (province id) Create chaos in another nation or province
    instantconstruction It is used to activate instant construction for both your national nations and AI nations and have construction sites completed in a single day.
    inc It will only trigger an instant build on your own nation.
    instantresearch Activate instant investigation mode.
    inr Activate instant research only in your nation.
    yesmen By activating the Yesman mode, all the AI-controlled nations will respond affirmatively to all the requests that come to them.
    tag (country tag) The country you are playing in will be changed to the country with the specified country tag.
    event (event id) (province id / country tag) It will start the event with the specified identifier within a specified province or country.
    changeowner (country tag) (province id ) Changes the owner of the specified province to the specified country tag.
    changecontroller (country tag) (province id) Changes in the controller from the specified province to the specified country tag.
    conquerall (country tag) It is used to conquer all the territories near your nation.
    showprovinceid It is used to display all the information about the tools in a nation when positioning the cursor on it.
    spawnunit (unit id) (province id) It will spawn the unit with the specified ID in the specified province.
    spawnactor (actor id) (province id) (animation / gun / hat) This command will spawn the specified actor.It is usually useful to create a spy.
    reload (file name) It will reload the file with the specified name.
    reloadtexture (texture name) The specified graphic texture (for example, a PNG file) will be reloaded.
    reloadinterface Reload the entire game interface
    break Allows you to make a nation surrender to the demands of rebel groups.
    upperhouse Re-election to the upper house of the nation in which he is currently playing.
    election It will start a general election in the nation you are currently playing on.
    militancy (amount) By entering a numerical value, you will change all militia in all towns by that amount. Ideal to make them grow or eliminate them.
    date ( will change the date to the specified year, or a more specific date.
    fow Alternate fog of war.
    suppress Set your nation’s points to 100
    minzoom Opens an interface that allows you to control the maximum and minimum zoom.
    wireframe toggles the rendering of 3D models as just their wireframes.
    blockade (province id) Locks the province with the specified identifier.
    reorg (province id) Reorganize the province with the specified ID – giving the province 100% organization and maximum strength.
    debug allmoney It will display debugging information for all money transfers in the game.
    debug alwaysdiplo It will freeze your nation’s diplomatic points at 5, making them infinite.
    debug alwaysaddwargoal It is used to add any military objective you want.
    debug alwaysreform Makes reforms instant.
    debug influence Sets the influence of each Great Power on the map
    debug market will enable logging of all price changes to the game file
    showrails you will be able to see the location of all the railways within your territory.
    citysize (on / off) (size) change the default maximum size of cities.
    fakenewsall (style name) (seed) It serves to defame a rival leader or member. Use this trick to create as many fake news stories as possible.
    reloadnews reload fake news database and fake news styles.
    addresearch (tech id) Used to research the technology with the specified name/ID.
    popupdate This command toggles the update of the populations
    breakally (country tag) terminate any alliance you deem useless.
    humans (amount) adds the specified amount of humans to his country.
    Paint/ rpaint y / cpaint enables the painting mode of maps, regions, and continents.
    helplog view in the game.log file all the console commands you have used.

    The above list provides some of the most commonly used Victoria 2 console commands, of course, these are not the only ones, but we hope that this guide provides you with the help you need to conquer this very interesting game full of strategies and negotiations, so best of luck and start playing!

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