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    Looking for Valheim’s best arrows? you’ve landed on the right gaming blog, today we’re gonna list down the best arrows in Valheim, no matter if you’re new to the game or have been playing it for a while, there is an arrow type for everyone. Arrows are a useful tool that you can use in Valheim, they are considered the best-ranged weapons in the game and can be used to shoot down enemies or to hit targets.

    How did we come up with this list? Well, we’ve surveyed a few Valheim players on Reddit and managed to end up with what we humbly think are the 10 best arrows in the game, most of these arrows are easily crafted and don’t require major resources. Also keep in mind that our list goes in the same order as the arrows have been listed, meaning from weak to strongest.

    Valheim Best Arrows

    [Top 10] Best Arrows In Valheim

    Here are the best arrows in Valheim:

    • Wooden Arrows
    • Flinthead Arrows
    • Bronze Arrows
    • Fire Arrows
    • Iron Head Arrows
    • Obsidian Arrows
    • Needle Arrows
    • Silver Arrows
    • Poison Arrows
    • Frost Arrows

    Wooden Arrows

    The Wooden arrows are very simple to make, and they’re the first type of arrows you’ll probably craft in the game, Wooden arrows only take 8 pieces of wood to be crafted and they have a maximum pierce damage of 22 and a knockback of 10.

    Materials you will need to craft this arrow:

    Flinthead Arrows

    Next, we have the flint head arrows and these one takes eight pieces of wood, two stones, and two feathers to be made and has a knockback of 10 matching the last one and a maximum pierce damage of 27, so a pretty decent upgrade over the wooden arrows

    Materials you will need to craft this arrow:

    Bronze Arrows

    Moving on to our number eight on the list, we feature the bronze head arrows and these are crafted with eight woods, one bronze bar, and two feathers, you will be unlocking the ability to craft these once you mine some copper and also some tin and smelt it into bronze. Also, the bronze arrows have a maximum damage of 32 and a hit of 10.

    Materials you will need to craft this arrow:

    • 8 x Wood
    • 2 x Feathers
    • 1 x Bronze

    Fire Arrows

    The very next type of Valheim arrows are the fire arrows, and to craft these you’ll need eight planks of wood, eight resins, and two feathers. Fire arrows carry maximum pierce damage and also burn damage as they do two types of damage of 33 and a knockback of 10.

    Placing them just one point ahead of the bronze head arrows, however, because they burn, they are more effective against certain enemies, like dragons or trees, such as the elder monster, so the fire will do more damage than straight pierce damage.

    Materials you will need to craft this arrow:

    • 8 x Wood
    • 2 x Feathers
    • 8 x Resin

    Iron Head Arrows

    The iron head arrows require eight planks of wood, one iron bar, and two feathers to be made. You will also need to unlock the iron before you can craft them, to do so you will have to defeat the second boss.

    Next, go to the swamp catacombs and collect some iron scrap. As far as stats go The iron arrows have a maximum pierce damage of 42 and a knockback of 10.

    Materials you will need to craft this arrow:

    • 8 x Wood
    • 2 x Feathers
    • 1 x Iron

    Obsidian Arrows

    We are already halfway through our list, from this point on we will be showing nothing but the most OP arrows in Valheim. Starting with obsidian arrows, to make these you need 8 blocks of wood 4 obsidian and 2 feathers. to obtain obsidian you have to mine it from obsidian deposits which can be found in most mountains.

    Obsidian is a ridiculously easily obtainable resource, acquiring hundreds in a few minutes with the help of an ax. Obsidian arrows have a maximum pierce damage of 52 and a knockback of 10, putting them 10 points higher than Ironhead Arrows.

    Materials you will need to craft this arrow:

    • 8 x Wood
    • 2 x Feathers
    • 4 x Obsidian

    Needle Arrows

    To unlock the ability to craft the Needle arrows, you will need to go slay some death skeletons which can be found in the planes’ biomes. once you have them you will need four needles and two feathers and you will be able to craft needle arrows super easy, these arrows have a max damage of 62 and a 15 knockback putting them five points above the other arrows in this list.

    We think these are the best valheim arrows for PVP, they have a high pierce damage and a higher knockback to slow or knock down your opponents and also take more of their stamina, making Needle arrows a perfect pick against other players.

    Materials you will need to craft this arrow:

    Silver Arrows

    Next, we have the Silver Arrows and the easiest way to get them is by slaying the third boss and eventually getting the wishbone which helps you detect hidden metals that include silver, and then you will be able to locate silver or veins and extract them with ease. Silver is the main resource you need to craft these arrows as you can tell from the name, However, you will also need eight blocks of wood, one silver bar, and two feathers.

    Silver arrows have a max pierce plus spirit damage of 72 and a kickback of 10, they are going to be very good pierce-wise, almost on par with obsidian arrows, furthermore, they are extra handy against dragons, skeletons, ghosts, and all that sort of stuff where silver-based weapons can do increased damage.

    Materials you will need to craft this arrow:

    • 8 x Wood
    • 2 x Feathers
    • 1 x Silver

    Poison Arrows

    Next, we have The poison arrows, and as you can guess from the name they are quite powerful. To be able to make them, you will need obsidian, two feathers, and eight woods, and you will also need two oozes which you can get by slaying beasts in the swamp biome. Once you have ooze you’ll get to craft make poison arrows, stats – these arrows come with a maximum of 78 damage per hole plus poison and a knockback of 10.

    Materials you will need to craft this arrow:

    Frost Arrows

    So at number one we have the frost arrows and these are very similar to the poison arrows material-wise, you will still need obsidian, eight wood pieces, and two feathers, however for this type of arrow you need a freeze gland instead of ooze. to get freeze glands you have to go into the mountains and slay a dragon, for the simple reason that drakes oftentimes will drop freeze glands when slain.

    Frost arrows have a maximum damage of 78 and 10, these arrows can deplete an opponent’s stamina and slow them down in both movement and attack. in addition, Frost arrows are very effective against any fiery-based animal or creature and almost everything else, making Frost arrows the best Valheim arrows as far as damage goes.

    Materials you will need to craft this arrow:

    That would be all, go ahead and make sure to try out some of the arrow types mentioned in this list and let us know how you found them in the comments below.

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