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    Today on, we’ll take you through all the available Subnautica Below Zero Console Commands. Not only that but we’ll also be covering how to cheats and console commands Subnautica Below Zero on multiple platforms including PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X, and also on Nintendo Switch.

    Do console commands disable trophies or achievements in Subnautica below zero? The short answer is Yes. When using cheats, achievements and trophies are disabled. However, it is still possible to use cheats to get achievements and trophies. The process is quite easy. Basically, cheats will disable achievements until you exit the game and then re-enter, which means that you can save your game before exiting and keep all the rewards.

    The adventure of Subnautica expands with Below Zero, a new chapter released separately back On May 14, 2021, which introduces us to a new icy landscape filled with new challenges. New features in this survival adventure also include the need to manage heat sources to prevent perishing as we seek refuge in the depths of the sea. Also, Console Commands & cheats come in handy when playing the game, some might dare to say the game is unplayable without them.

    Subnautica Below Zero Console Commands

    How Do I Enable Console Commands In Subnautica Below Zero?

    For starters, the console commands prompt is disabled by default. To enable it, please perform the following steps while in-game:

    • F3 (opens a menu).
    • F8 with the menu open (allows you to select a menu option with the mouse).
    • Go to “Console disabled” or “Disable console” (or whatever it says, depending on the language you play in). It should be checked,
    • uncheck it.
    • Press F8 and then F3.
    • The console is now enabled.
    • Press º (to the left of the 1 on a standard QWERTY keyboard) to open the command console.

    Please note that If you’re playing Subnautica Below Zero on any of these consoles, PS4/PS5, or Xbox One/Series X, you just need to press a sequence of buttons to open the console and enter the cheat codes:

    PS4/PS5: L1+R1+Square+X.
    Xbox One/X Series: L1+R1+Square+X.

    Complete List of Subnautica Below Zero Console Commands & Cheats

    These are all the available console commands in Subnautica Below Zero :

    General Commands:

    • explodeship: explodes the Aurora.
    • nocost: you build anything even if you don’t have the materials.
    • nodamage: you do not take damage (you can die by drowning).
    • oxygen: unlimited oxygen.
    • fastbuild: build faster.
    • fastscan: scan faster.
    • fasthatch: the eggs hatch earlier.
    • fastgrow: seeds grow faster.
    • bobthebuilder: Activates nocost, fastbuild, fastgrow, fasthatch, disables radiation, plus gives you a Habitat Builder, Survival Knife, Repair Tool, and Scanner.
    • Unlockdoors: Open all the doors in the zones, except the ones that require the Laser Cutter.
    • precursorkeys: gives you all Tablets.
    • resetmotormode: ???
    • infect 50: infects the player and all creatures within 50 meters with the Kharaa Bacteria.

    Items: This command gives you directly the items of the list that you will have on the right:

    • Habitat builder.
    • Standard O2 bottle.
    • fins.
    • Seamoth.
    • Traje PRAWN.
    • Cyclops.
    • Forerunner Keys (the Tablets).
    • Ion Crystal (Ion Cube).

    Teleport Command: Using this Teleport command in Subnautica Below Zero, a list of locations to teleport to will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. If you want to go to all the wrecks to search for items without too much difficulty, this is a great option.

    Scenarios cheat: These tricks make certain things happen that are directly related to the story.

    • countdownship: Start the countdown to the quantum detonation of the Aurora.
    • explodeship: Causes the quantum detonation of the Aurora.
    • forcerocketready: Makes it possible for you to launch the Neptune Escape Rocket without disabling the Quarantine Enforcer Platform.
    • infectionreveal: causes the Kharaa bacteria infection to reach stage 4.
    • playsunbeamfx – Causes part of the Quarantine Enforcer Platform event to take place by shooting down the Sunbeam.
    • precursorigunaim: Causes the entire Quarantine Enforcer Platform event to take place by shooting down the Sunbeam.
    • restoreship: leaves the Aurora in the initial state, before the quantum detonation.
    • sunbeamcountdownstart: Starts the countdown (40 minutes) for the arrival of the Sunbeam. Requires using sunbeamstoryevent.
    • sunbeamstoryevent: start the sunbeam arrival event (enables sunbeamcountdownstart to be used).

    Inventory Cheats & Spawn Items: These cheats are used to make various objects appear in your inventory or in front of your character.

    • clearinventory: clears all your inventory.
    • item OBJECTNAME QUANTITY : This trick causes the object indicated in OBJECTNAME to appear in the specified QUANTITY. For example, item acidmushroom 10 spawns 10 Acid Mushroom in your inventory. If you don’t put a number, 1 unit will be added.

    Each item has a specific name, these are all objects that you can make appear:

    • acidmushroom: Acid fungus.
    • aluminumoxide: Ruby.
    • bloodoil: Hemoaceite.
    • copper: copper
    • coralchunk: Coral tube sample.
    • crashpowder: Sulfuric sediment.
    • creepvineseedcluster: Algae Vine Seed
    • creepvinepiece: Algae vine sample.
    • diamond: Diamond.
    • gaspod: Gas capsule.
    • gold: Oro.
    • jellyplant: Gel bag.
    • jeweleddiskpiece: Coral plate sample.
    • kyanite: Cianita.
    • lead: Lead.
    • lithium: Litio.
    • magnetite: Magnetita.
    • nickel: Mineral de Níquel.
    • pinkmushroom: Pink cap.
    • purplerattle: Speckled Rattlesnake.
    • quartz: Cuarzo.
    • salt: Sal.
    • seatreaderpoop: Alien feces.
    • scrapmetal: Reusable metal.
    • silver: Plata.
    • smallmelon: Small melomarble.
    • stalkertooth: Stalker tooth.
    • sulfur: Crystalline sulfur.
    • titanium: Titanio.
    • treemushroompiece: Sample of mushrooms.
    • uranininitecrystal : Crystal of Uranita.
    • whitemushroom: Mushroom of the deep.
    • bleach: Chlorine.
    • enameledglass: Enamelled glass.
    • fibermesh: Malla de fibra.
    • glass: Vidrio.
    • lubricant: oil.
    • plasteelingot: Plasteel ingot.
    • silicone: Silicon rubber.
    • titaniumingot: Titanium ingot.
    • aerogel: Aerogel.
    • aramidfibers: Synthetic fibers.
    • benzene: Benceno.
    • hydrochloricacid: Hydrochloric acid.
    • polyaniline: Polianilina.
    • advancedwiringkit: Advanced Wiring Kit.
    • battery: Battery.
    • computerchip: Computer chip.
    • copperwire: Copper wire.
    • precursorionbattery: Ion battery.
    • precursorionpowercell: Ion power cell:
    • powercell: Power cell.
    • reactorrod: Control rod.
    • wiringkit: Wiring kit.

    Equipment Commands: These are the items you can use to equip (in most cases). Do not confuse them with tools.

    • compass: Compass.
    • fins: Fins.
    • fireextinguisher: Extintor.
    • firstaidkit: First aid kit.
    • pipesurfacefloater: Floating air pump.
    • doubletank: High Capacity O2 Bottle.
    • plasteeltank: High capacity lightweight bottle.
    • pipe: Tubo.
    • radiationsuit: Anti-radiation suit.
    • rebreather: Recycler.
    • reinforceddivesuit: Reinforced diving suit.
    • tank: Standard O2 bottle.
    • still suit: Destiltraje.
    • swimchargefins: Recharge fins.
    • ultraglidefins: Ultraglide fins.
    • highcapacitytank: Ultra high capacity bottle.

    Tools Commands: These are tools with special functions, for example, to repair damaged objects or to scan objects in order to be able to craft them.

    • airbladder: Nadara.
    • builder: Habitat builder .
    • divereel: Guide tool.
    • flare: Bengala.
    • flashlight: Linterna.
    • heatblade: Thermal knife.
    • knife: Survival knife.
    • lasercutter: Laser cutter.
    • ledlight: Light post.
    • propulsioncannon: Propulsion cannon.
    • repulsioncannon: Repulsion cannon.
    • scanner: Scanner.
    • stasisrifle: Rifle of stasis.
    • welder: Welder (apparently not working).

    Dropships: Dropships are objects that you can actually deploy in the water, like small boats and things like that.

    • beacon: Baliza.
    • builder: Portable vehicle bay.
    • cyclopsdecoy: Creature claim.
    • gravsphere: Graviesfera.
    • seaglide: Underwater slider.
    • smallstorage: Taquilla impermeable.

    Scanner room commands:

    • maproomcamera: Camera drone.
    • maproomhudchip: Scanner room interface chip.
    • maproomupgradescanrange: Increases the range of the scanner room.
    • maproomupgradescanspeed: improves the speed of the scanner room.

    decorative objects command: These objects can be placed in survival environments. They are all decorative objects only.

    • arcadegorgetoy: Cool toy.
    • starshipsouvenir: Thumbnail of the Aurora.
    • posteraurora: Poster of the Aurora.
    • cap1: Gray cap.
    • cap2: Blue cap.
    • labcontainer: Large sample flask.
    • labcontainer2: Small sample flask.
    • labcontainer3: Cylindrical sample flask.
    • labequipment1: Microscope (non-functional).
    • labequipment2: Fluid analyzer (non-functional).
    • labequipment3: Sample analyzer (not functional).
    • luggagebag: Travel bag.
    • posterkitty: Póster Keep calm.
    • poster: Póster de Natural Selection 2.
    • posterexosuit1: Poster for the PRAWN suit – Earth.
    • posterexosuit2: PRAWN Suit Poster – Mar.
    • toycar: Toy car.

    Vehicles command: With these cheats, you can make vehicles appear in front of your character. It is better to use the submarine because, for example, the cyclops give an error when trying to spawn with the item.

    • cyclops: Cyclops.
    • exosuit: exoesqueleto PRAWN.
    • seamoth: Seamoth.
    • spawn OBJECTNAME QUANTITY: It works almost the same as item, really.
    • Heal DISTANCE: Heals the player and all creatures in a radius equal to the indicated DISTANCE value of the Kharaa Bacteria.
    • infect DISTANCE: infects the player and all creatures in a radius equal to the value indicated in DISTANCE with the Kharaa Bacteria.
    • lldetach – Causes all Grubs attached to a vehicle to drop.
    • playerinfection LEVEL: Causes the Kharra Bacteria infection to advance based on the value assigned to LEVEL. 1 is the minimum, 4 is the maximum, 5 heals you from Kharaa Bacteria.

    Noclip command:

    how to noclip in subnautica? Warpforward is the command you require to use. Just assign it a number and it will teleport you that many meters forward. It will not function on vehicles, however, you can easily replace any vehicles you lose due to glitches.

    This concludes the full rundown of the complete list of Subnautica Below Zero console commands and cheats. free free to check more Subnautica Below Zero guides here, Also if you have any questions related to any of the commands listed above, then please free to leave them in the comments section below.

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