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    The Roblox Error Code 529 is a pretty common issue that players sooner or later will face. Roblox is one of the most popular games of its time, even though it was launched in 2006 and very few people paid attention to it. Today it has more than 90 million active players worldwide and is also available on almost every known platform, including Android and PC.

    If you’re a long-time member of the huge Roblox community, you’ve most likely also experienced all sorts of bugs or errors while playing the game, and that is why you’re here. In what follows, we’ll take you through the solutions that you can apply and help you fix Roblox Error Code 529 for good.

    The Roblox Error Code 529 Occurs most of the time during Roblox servers downtime, or when attempted to join a blocked VIP server, other times it happens if you’ve attempted to join the game as a guest. But half the time you’re facing the Error Code 529, its causes are on you half of the board and not the game, So Today on Offmeta Game we’ll list down all the possible causes and solutions for the Roblox Error Code 529.

    Roblox Error Code 529 SOLVED

    Roblox Error Code 529 – Best 7 Solutions To Fix It

    These are the best and most effective solutions to apply when facing The Roblox Error Coe 529 :

    • Visit the official Roblox server status page and verify that All Systems are Operational.
    • Try logging out and in after a while.
    • Ensure that you are using a compatible browser.
    • Remove/Disable any ad-blocking browser add-ons.
    • Connect by Ethernet cable instead of Wifi.
    • Reboot your internet router.
    • Reset & Re-install Roblox.

    Visit the official Roblox server status page and verify that All Systems are Operational

    Whenever you find yourself face to face with the error 529 while playing the game, your first troubleshooting step should be to visit the official server status page which can be found here, once you’re there please verify that all systems are operational and there are no issues resulting in Roblox servers downtime.

    If you see a green note saying: All Systems Operational then that means that the Roblox error code 529 originated on your side and is not the game’s fault. if that’s the case then please give the solutions listed below a try.

    Try logging out and in after from another Device

    as mentioned before, Roblox has millions and millions of players, and each day there is what’s called a player peak time, which is the time in the day when the highest number of active players try to login into the game and play.

    Player peak time is known to also cause the error 529 in Roblox, in this case, it’s best to log out and try logging in a couple of minutes later or even give it an hour if you can wait that long. If after taking a break you still can’t access the game, then proceed with the next solution listed right below.

    Ensure that you are using a compatible Internet browser

    Thankfully, it is no more necessary to download the special Roblox browser to be able to play the game. you can now play Roblox on some of the most popular browsers such as Opera GX, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

    Keep in mind that the Roblox Error 529 can be caused when you’re playing the game on a non-compatible or outdated browser. so always make sure to keep your favorite browser up to date to ensure you won’t run into any issues while playing Roblox. Below is a video tutorial showing exactly how to manually update your Internet browser :

    Remove/Disable any ad-blocking browser add-ons

    We all hate those annoying ads on our screens and the unwanted pop-ups while watching those funny Roblox compilations, hence we use Ad-blocking add-ons and extensions.

    The thing is these Ad-blocking add-ons can cause connection issues if you’re playing Roblox on a browser that has them installed. as reported by many players, disabling any ad-blocking browser add-ons you might be using can solve the error 529 issues for good. so make sure to give this Hotfix a try, it might be exactly what you need to enjoy playing Roblox again asap.

    Connect by Ethernet cable instead of Wifi

    Even though the Roblox developers advise connecting by Ethernet cable while playing the game, most players nowadays play Roblox using WIFI instead. The difference between Ethernet and WIFI is most noticeable if you’re playing Roblox on a PC.

    So if you’re facing any Roblox errors, such as error 529, error 279, error 268, or error 403. and you are using WIFI. then it won’t hurt you to connect via an ethernet cable instead and take advantage of the faster internet speed that could help resolve your Roblox issues.

    Reboot your internet router

    Following our previous hotfix, if after connecting via an ethernet cable you’re still facing an Error 529. then go ahead and reboot your WIFI router, after that make sure to also restart your PC and then try login into your Roblox account.

    here is a quick 2 minutes video tutorial by our friends at Howcast to teach you how to reboot your router safely and easily:

    Reset & Re-install Roblox

    If after applying all the solutions mentioned above you’re still unable to access the game normally, then you are left with but one last option. Resetting or reinstalling Roblox all over again will fix most of your issues.

    this is by far the least favorite fix to try when facing a Roblox error code 529, but still, if all fails then it’s 100% worth giving it a try . overall it takes less than 30 minutes to reinstall the game. and to make this process go as smooth as possible for you, we’ve provided you with a visual tutorial below showing exactly how to uninstall & install Roblox the proper way.

    This concludes today’s Game troubleshooting, please let us know in the comments section if any of the solutions listed here helped get rid of the Roblox error 529 . also if you have questions related to other Roblox errors, feel free to share them with us and we’ll happily answer them.

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