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    So, you’re interested in some Phoenix Point console commands? A lot is going on underneath the hood of this insanely popular turn-based tactical strategy game, Phoenix Point takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. It’s a spinoff of the popular XCOM franchise, and it allows you to play as one of several factions in a conflict for control of Earth.

    Phoenix Point has a lot of features and options for players, but if you’re looking for some help with the game, here are some Phoenix Point console commands and cheats. Again the main goal of these cheats and commands is for them to help you get started with the game as fast and as smoother as possible so that it’s easier to play and understand.

    Phoenix Point Console Commands And Cheats

    Phoenix Point Console Commands And Cheats [For PC & Console]

    The following is a list of the console commands and cheats for Phoenix Point. These can be used to help you in your game or to help you have fun.

    Phoenix Point Ancient DLC Items Console Commands:

    • AC_Rebuke_WeaponDef
    • AC_CrystalCrossbow_WeaponDef
    • give_item Stimpack_EquipmentDef
    • AC_ShardGun_WeaponDef
    • AC_Scyther_WeaponDef
    • AC_Mattock_WeaponDef
    • give_item Medkit_EquipmentDef
    • AC_Scorpion_WeaponDef
    • give_item VirophageMedkit_EquipmentDef
    • give_item MechArms_AmmoClip_ItemDef

    Phoenix Point Money Console Commands:

    • Show me the money ( grants you 10000 of each resource)
    • Hide_me_the_money (removes each resource)

    Phoenix Point Items Console Commands:

    • XXX

    Neutral Faction Weapons Console Commands:

    • give_item NE_SniperRifle_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NE_SniperRifle_WeaponDef
    • give_item NE_MachineGun_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NE_Pistol_WeaponDef
    • give_item NE_AssaultRifle_WeaponDef
    • give_item NE_MachineGun_WeaponDef
    • give_item NE_AssaultRifle_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NE_Pistol_AmmoClip_ItemDef

    Phoenix Point New Jericho Console Commands:

    • give_item NJ_Heavy_Torso_BodyPartDef
    • give_item NJ_Technician_Torso_BodyPartDef
    • give_item NJ_HeavyRocketLauncher_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_Heavy_Legs_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_Gauss_SniperRifle_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_Gauss_PDW_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_PRCR_AssaultRifle_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_Sniper_Torso_BodyPartDef
    • give_item NJ_Gauss_MachineGun_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_TechTurretGun_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_Assault_Torso_BodyPartDef
    • give_item NJ_PRCR_AssaultRifle_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_Gauss_MachineGun_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_Gauss_AssaultRifle_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_Technician_MechArms_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_PRCR_PDW_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_GuidedMissileLauncherPack_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_PRCRTechTurretGun_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_Sniper_Legs_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_Assault_Legs_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_Heavy_Helmet_BodyPartDef
    • give_item NJ_Gauss_HandGun_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_PRCR_SniperRifle_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_RocketLauncher_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_PRCR_PDW_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_IncindieryGrenade_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_Sniper_Helmet_BodyPartDef
    • give_item NJ_FireResistanceVest_Attachment_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_Assault_Helmet_BodyPartDef
    • give_item NJ_GuidedMissileLauncher_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_Flamethrower_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_Technician_Helmet_BodyPartDef
    • give_item NJ_PRCR_SniperRifle_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_Gauss_HandGun_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_TechTurretItem_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_Gauss_PDW_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_Gauss_SniperRifle_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_PRCRTechTurretItem_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_RocketLauncherPack_WeaponDef
    • give_item NJ_Technician_Legs_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_HeavyRocketLauncher_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_Gauss_AssaultRifle_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item NJ_FlameThrower_WeaponDef

    Phoenix Point Anu Console Commands:

    • give_item AN_AcidHandGun_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item AN_HandCannon_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item AN_Redemptor_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item AN_Shotgun_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item AN_ShreddingShotgun_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item AN_Subjector_AmmoClip_ItemDef
    • give_item AN_AcidGrenade_WeaponDef
    • give_item AN_AcidHandGun_WeaponDef
    • give_item AN_Blade_WeaponDef
    • give_item AN_Hammer_WeaponDef
    • give_item AN_HandCannon_WeaponDef
    • give_item AN_Mace_WeaponDef
    • give_item AN_Redemptor_WeaponDef
    • give_item AN_Shotgun_WeaponDef
    • give_item AN_ShreddingShotgun_WeaponDef
    • give_item AN_Subjector_WeaponDef
    • give_item AN_Assault_Helmet_BodyPartDef
    • give_item AN_Assault_Legs_ItemDef
    • give_item AN_Assault_Torso_BodyPartDef
    • give_item AN_Berserker_Helmet_BodyPartDef
    • give_item AN_Berserker_Legs_ItemDef
    • give_item AN_Berserker_Torso_BodyPartDef
    • give_item AN_Priest_Legs_ItemDef
    • give_item AN_Priest_Torso_BodyPartDef

    Phoenix Point Synedrion Console Commands:

    • give_item SY_Crossbow_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_LaserPistol_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_Venombolt_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_LaserSniperRifle_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_LaserAssaultRifle_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_NeuralPistol_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_SpiderDroneLauncher_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_SonicGrenade_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_NeuralSniperRifle_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_LaserBlade_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_EMPGrenade_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_PoisonGrenade_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_Venombolt_WeaponDef
    • give_item SY_Aspida_Arms_WeaponDef

    Phoenix Point Diplomacy Console Commands:

    • diplomacy_set Anu_faction phoenix 100 or diplomacy_set Anu phoenix 100
    • diplomacy_set NewJericho phoenix 100
    • diplomacy_set synedrion phoenix 100

    Phoenix Point Teleport Console Commands:

    • TP: Teleport soldiers
    • TPV: Teleport Vehicles

    Phoenix Point  Synedrion armor & items Console Commands:

    • give_item SY_Assault_Helmet_BodyPartDef
    • give_item SY_Infiltrator_Torso_BodyPartDef
    • give_item SY_Assault_Torso_BodyPartDef
    • give_item SY_Infiltrator_Helmet_BodyPartDef
    • give_item SY_Sniper_Helmet_BodyPartDef
    • give_item SY_Sniper_Torso_BodyPartDef
    • give_item SY_Infiltrator_Legs_ItemDef
    • give_item SY_MultiVisualSensor_Attachment_ItemDef
    • give_item SY_MotionDetector_Attachment_ItemDef
    • give_item SY_MistRepeller_Attachment_ItemDef
    • give_item SY_Assault_Legs_ItemDef

    Disable fog of war Console Command:

    • fow 0: disable fog of war
    • fow 1:  will enable it again

    Phoenix Point Special Soldiers Console Commands:

    • give_soldier AN_Mutog
    • spawn_aircraft NJ_Thunderbird
    • give_soldier ANU_Berserker
    • give_soldier PX_Heavy
    • give_soldier PX_Assault
    • spawn_aircraft SYN_Helios
    • give_soldier ANU_Priest
    • give_soldier PX_Sniper
    • give_soldier SY_Infiltrator
    • give_soldier PX_Scarab
    • give_soldier NJ_Armadillo
    • spawn_aircraft AN vars
    • “spawn_aircraft” gives Manticore
    • give_soldier NJ_Technician
    • give_soldier SY_Aspida

    Phoenix Point EXP Console Commands:

    • give_sp 5000 (grants 5000 PP SP)
    • give_xp n: grants n XP to all of your operatives

    Phoenix Point AP & WP Console Commands:

    • set_ap 40: restores 40 AP
    • set_wp 30: restores 30 WP

    Phoenix Point Damage Console Commands:

    • Bodyparts: Head Torso Lefthand Righthand, Legs, Arms, Left-arm, Right-arm
    • Damage [Bodypart] [X] = Deal X Damage to a Body part
    • Damage [X] = Deal X-Damage

    This was all the Phoenix Point console commands we could get a hold of, we’ll be updating and adding more commands and cheats once they are discovered and tested. Before we end this guide, we’d love to give a shoutout to the Redditor Jester814 for taking the time and effort to share most of these with the Phoenix Point community.

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