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    What’s up clashers and welcome to another OffmetaGaming guide, today we are going to go over how to use super potions in Clash Of Clans. Not only that but also share with you where to get these super potions from and much more, just keep on reading to learn everything there is to know about super potions in COC.

    Clash of Clans is a multiplayer strategy video game for mobile devices that was developed by Supercell, where it has achieved great popularity. The title puts players in the shoes of a village chief who must enhance his village by constructing fortifications and looting other gamers in search of supplies and materials.

    The title adopts a freemium approach with microtransactions to alleviate the time required to build walls and armaments. The players form clans to share valuable resources and defend their villages, waging war against other clans. The tactical potential of Clash of Clans has made it one of the great names in the mobile eSports scene.

    so first things first, Clash of Clans has introduced super potions quite recently, so a lot of people don’t know what super potions are and what they do so let’s go over that quick.

    How to Use Super Potions in Clash of Clans 2022

    what are Super Potions and how to use them in Clash of Clans

    Before you can learn how to use super potions in Clash of Clans, you need to first be familiar with what they are. Super potions are pretty much used to upgrade basic troops to their super variant.

    What ARE THE SUPER potions IN COC?

    So if you have an archer you’ll be able to upgrade it to the super archer which has like a lightning arc effect, you’ll also be able to upgrade your goblins to super goblins which make the goblins invisible when you first drop them, things like this, and that’s what the super potion is used to do.

    Unfortunately, you can only augment your troops that are eligible for the upgrade, meaning you still have to meet the requirements for the super variant of troops before you can use the super potion to upgrade to the super variant.

    In other words, if you have a level 6 archer, you will not be able to upgrade it to a super archer, you still have to reach the minimum requirement of level 8 before being able to upgrade it to a super archer.

    This super potion will turn the troop you select into their super variant for three days, so you can actually use the super potion for the full three days and you can use two super potions to upgrade up to two troops at a time, so you can have super barbarians and super archers, which is pretty cool in my opinion

    But be aware that when you increase the size of a troop or turn it into a super troop, it becomes more housing space, so keep that in mind when using the super potions.

    You can go and check out how to use these super potions in the super barracks which are located on the upper left side of the map, it’s like a little barrel you can go there and check that out.

    what town hall do you have to be to use a super potion?

    It’ll let you see all the super troop options you have, unfortunately, you’re not gonna have any options to look at this barrel until you’re a town hall of nine and then it doesn’t start getting serious until your town hall 11. so I wouldn’t worry about these super potions too much until you get in that 10-11 range.

    How much do super potions cost in clash of clans?

    That said these potions are valued at 25k dark elixir each because it does take dark elixir to boost a troop to its super variant so you’re saving dark elixir by using this as well as these do cost from the trader 300 gems which is a little overpriced but it would cost you 300 gems to purchase this from the trader.

    where to get super potions from in coc ?

    Now, where can you get the super potions from? you can get them from events a lot of events will dish them out to you. You can also get them from your gold pass and you can get them
    from clan games as a reward and you probably will eventually if not already be able to buy them from the league shop so these are ways you guys can get your super troop potions in COC.


    So the best way to use super potions in coc would be them when there’s an event that requires you to use a super troop. for example, right now we’ve got an event going on for super archers and if you use at least one super archer you’ll eventually keep using them and win attacks

    Then, you’ll be rewarded with whatever rewards are available to you, so look at the events tab and look if it requires you to use a super troop, and at that point, that’s when you would go ahead and use your super troop potion

    Not only is this super efficient for you it’s super-efficient for your clanmates because you can go ahead and boost that archer, for this example, and donate it to your clan mates so they can complete events that they otherwise may not be able to

    For example, a town hall 8 would probably not be able to get their hands on a super troop, unless they got it donated to them .so you can help your clan mates progress a lot faster in the game by helping and using your super potions effectively during events

    That’s about it all when it comes to finding out how to use super potions in coc, If you prefer a more of a visual guide, below you can find a youtube video made by the cool guy at wanted mobile gaming showcasing exactly what are super potions are and how to use them in clash of clans.

    Before we end today’s guide, please feel free to let us know what is your favorite super troop to use in clash of clans or which super troop do you look forward to the most in the future, hit that comment box, and let us know.

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