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    How to get ectoplasm in Terraria? What is the easiest and fastest way to get Ectoplasm in Terraria? These are questions that I’ve been asked a lot while I’ve played Terraria. With them being such common questions we wanted to make sure that all our fellow Terrarians out there have all of the information that they need to get anything ectoplasm-related.

    Maybe you have searched other sites and found conflicting information about getting ectoplasm in Terraria. Well, let us tell you one thing for sure if you are looking for a guide that will help you level up faster or find ectoplasm just look no further because today on Offmetagaming, we’re going to show you the easiest way to find Ectoplasm and where I got all of mine. If you look at most of the current guides they all say the same thing; go mining, sell stuff at merchants and buy traps/armour/weapons. But, this is by far the slowest way we have found. How To Get Ectoplasm In Terraria [The Easiest & Fastest Way]

    How to get in Terraria [The Fastest & Easiest Way]

    To get ectoplasm in Terraria, you need to track down and slay dungeon spirits, which are the only source of ectoplasm in the game. however, they will not spawn until you successfully defeat Plantera, the jungle boss on hardmode. Following the defeat of Plantera, each time you manage to kill an enemy with 100 or more health points in the hard mode dungeon, where there is a 7.7% chance of a dungeon spirit spawning.

    Still, the dungeon on hardmode does make for a very dangerous place, so be equipped with your best gear. You might want to kill Plantera a time or two until you acquire useful weapons, then make sure to have the very best armour you can get, likely to be Chlorophyte, Mushroom, or Turtle, depending on your choice of weapon.

    How do you use Ectoplasm in Terraria?

    Ectoplasm is a crafting material only available on Hardmode, Ectoplasm is used by players to craft spectre bars, which are then used to craft spectre armour and tools such as:

    • Spectre Pickaxe / 18 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Paint Roller / 8 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Pants / 18 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Paint Scraper / 8 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Paint Brush / 8 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Hood /12 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Robe /24 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Hamaxe /18 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Mask / 12 Spectre Bars
    • Drill Containment Unit – 40 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Wings – 10 Spectre Bars

    This concludes our guide for getting and crafting Ectoplasm in Terraria, If you have any questions related to this matter, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Also if you’re eager for more Terraria guides, then please consider checking the ones below:

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