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    Today on OffmetaGaming we shall cover some tips and tricks on how to call your horse in Skyrim. Horses in this immortal RPG game can be a little stubborn, you could be wondering how do I whistle for my horse in Skyrim and if that even helps bring it to you.

    Horses in Skyrim are one of the greatest aids you could obtain. Not only will they serve you to travel fast and without getting fatigued in the northern lands, something very necessary if you switch on survival mode, but also to stockpile equipment and craft saddlebags and armor for them in the anniversary edition.

    Players who choose this popular open-world RPG will find the main adventure, its three main expansions, the possibility of installing free mods on PC and consoles, as well as more than 500 original pieces of content among which we find new weaponry and armor equipment, more enemies to fight against, new unique abilities for our heroes such as necromancy spells, more quests and even a handful of houses to inhabit and decorate.

    If you have just recently started playing Skyrim or you are an experienced veteran but need to jog your knowledge, then today we are going to show you how to call your horse in Skyrim and have it come to you. Along the way we provide an overview of ways to get horses in the game

    How To Call Your Horse In Skyrim

    How To Call Your Horse In Skyrim?

    Until recently, calling your horse in Skyrim wasn’t an easy task, especially for new players but luckily thanks to the latest Skyrim Anniversary Edition, calling your horse is doable whether you’re playing on PC, Switch, PS4, or Xbox One.

    There are many ways to get them, although the most simple way to start is to buy them at the Whiterun Stables. You can also steal a horse, but in this case, it will escape at the first chance it gets. Furthermore, as you complete some quests, you’ll earn horses that have better stats.

    Overall you’re able to call your horse in Skyrim successfully thanks to 3 methods, which are :

    • Fast Travel
    • Dawnguard Expansion: Arvak quest
    • Using Skyrim Mods


    The behavior of horses in Skyrim is very close to the one in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. Meaning that you can’t call him directly, however, there are several ways to find him again as long as he doesn’t meet his demise in combat.

    Horses in Skyrim will often follow you around even if you are using fast travel, however, if you travel to an urban village he will appear in the stables. So if you have lost your horse, search the stables around until you locate him.

    CALL YOUR HORSE USING THE Dawnguard Expansion: Arvak quest

    If none of this works for you and you want to be able to summon your horse anytime you want, then you will need the quest chain from the Dawnguard expansion, included in the Special Edition and Anniversary Edition of Skyrim.

    Once you reach the Soul Cairn, look for the skull of the horse Arvak and bring it to his owner. He will grant you a spell that will enable you to summon the spectral horse whenever you want.


    If you still wish to call your horse in Skyrim using alternative methods, then Mods can help you do just that. We’re talking about a mod called “Call Your Horse”. Available on the Anniversary Edition for you to use.

    The Mod doesn’t require any cooldown nor any Magicka, it’s worth noting that this mod will call only the most recent horse you’ve had. you can download call your horse mod here.

    Here is a demo video tutorial showcasing how to use this mod to call your horse in Skyrim :

    lastly, make sure to let us know which way worked well for you and helped you call your horse in Skyrim successfully. If you’re interested in more Skyrim content then feel free to check our 10 Best Skyrim Builds in 2022. and also our guide for how to become a werewolf in Skyrim.

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