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    So you went to your favorite internet browser and typed ” How To Age Up Sims 4 ” and you landed here. for a good reason because This guide will help you troubleshoot all your Sims 4 aging up issues, be it related to aging up a toddler in Sims 4, pets, kittens, or even Sims 4 teenagers.

    The Sims 4, like the previous games in the series, has life stages. The Sims 4 has seven life stages: Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Senior.

    However, as your Sims get older, their ability to perform some tasks will lessen, and in exchange, the Sims will acquire new skills. You may sometimes not wish to just wait for your Sim to age up in a natural way, as this may last a very long period in the game.

    That’s why we hand-picked the best possible ways to show you exactly how to age up Sims 4 in no time,

    How To Age Up Sims 4

    How To Age Up Sims 4 [2022 TUTORIAL]

    Here are the best-proven methods to age up Sims 4 :

    • Letting life follow its natural path.
    • Modifying your Sims 4 life expectancy preferences.
    • Do not allow Sim to get pregnant.
    • Make your Sim undergo a period of stress.
    • Select the “age up” option by clicking on the crib.
    • Using Sims 4 aging cheat codes.
    • Have some playtime sessions in a different household.
    • Use Sims 4 mods
    • Make a birthday cake and put u some candles on it.

    That being said today we’ll be focusing on the last 2 methods only, which are the birthday cake and the aging up mods methods .for they give the best results when it comes to Aging up Sims 4 fast and easy.

    How To Age Up Sims 4 Using A Birthday Cake

    For Your Sims 4 character to age up faster than he normally does, a cake has to be baked. You can always do this yourself. Alternatively, you can arrange a proper party where a chef comes and bakes a birthday cake.

    Then candles should be placed on the cake. At this point, you should select the character that you want to move to a new life stage and then click on the cake by selecting “Blow out the candles”. Once you do this, the character will grow by one life stage.

    If a newborn or a toddler has to age up, then you need to play through your other Sims. Thus, you have to choose any family character and then click on the cake. The option “make character older” should be chosen. The screen will show the options of Sims to whom you can arrange an unscheduled birthday party.

    Keep in mind that The Sims 4 character to be made older must be selected. Once you perform all the tasks mentioned above correctly your Sim should age up instantly also is of high importance not to give your character too much cake or you might be noticing that your Sims 4 sim Won’t Sleep anymore than easily.

    In case you find the steps above a bit vague, no worries. the super-duper Taylorsaurus made an awesome video that will show you exactly how to have a successful Birthday Party in The Sims 4 . Just make sure to watch it carefully.

    How To Age Up Sims 4 Using Mods

    Some Sims 4 mods will allow you to age up all Sims of a certain age to the next or previous life stage throughout the game. So if you’re tired of babysitting babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, and even elderly people, or you find yourself not interested in being a parent

    If all you want is to make your Sims age up or mature quickly, then this mod is exactly the one you need, So to start using it effectively all you need is to access the debug console (Ctrl-Shift-C) and enter one of the following commands below:

    To age up all Sims 4 babies into toddlers:
    age_up_all babies
    To age up all Sims 4 toddlers into children:
    age_up_all toddlers
    To age up all Sims 4 children into teens:
    age_up_all children
    To age up all Sims 4 teens into young adults:
    age_up_all teens
    To age up all Sims 4 young adults into adults:
    age_up_all young adults
    To age up all Sims 4 adults into elders:
    age_up_all adults

    As mentioned before, this mod also offers the ability to age down your sims in the Sims 4, to do so enter one of the following commands :

    to age down all Sims 4 children into toddlers:
    age_down_all children
    to age down all Sims 4 teens into children:
    age_down_all teens
    to age down all Sims 4 young adults into teens:
    age_down_all young adults
    to age down all Sims 4 adults into young adults:
    age_down_all adults
    to age down all Sims 4 elders into adults:
    age_down_all elders

    For the whole list of commands and installation guide, feel free to visit the official Mod page here, and with that, we come to the end of this Gaming guide, please don’t forget to hit that comment box and let us know which one is your favorite method to age up your sims in Sims 4.

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