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    Is your Genshin Impact launcher too big? no worries, in fact, Genshin Impact‘s resolution problem is very common, not only while gaming on PC but also on other platforms face the same issue, Genshin Impact PS4 screen size is also a problem many new and old players face.

    This awesome open-world action role-playing game is developed by miHoYo that takes us to Teyvat, a world of fantasy where the seven elements are flowing and merging. In the role of a world traveler recently awakened in this land, the player is tasked with finding The Archons of the Seven Elements, mortal beings. Each passage of Genshin Impact’s adventure will unearth something wondrous, and the lost will eventually be located.

    Genshin Impact’s developers are always trying to guarantee breathtaking landscapes, stunning real-time animations, and highly detailed character movements, as well as a weather and lighting system that keeps changing as you progress through the game, all accompanied by an exquisite soundtrack.

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    Sadly no matter how hard these devs try, when it comes to the Genshin Impact launcher size issue, they can’t do much Because this is 9 times out of 10, not their fault, but the player’s PC or malfunctioning settings.

    So, today at OffmetaGaming we hand-picked the best solutions to try out when you’re facing Resolutions issues and wondering how to minimize the Genshin Impact on PC

    Genshin Impact Launcher Too Big

    Genshin Impact Launcher Too Big [4 Solutions To Try]

    These are the best fixes to try when your Genshin Impact launcher is too big :

    • Change the DPI settings for Genshin Impact
    • Edit Windows display settings
    • Repair or reset your Genshin Impact launcher
    • Update your Windows graphics drivers

    Change the DPI settings for Genshin Impact

    To fix the Genshin Impact resolution issue on Windows 10 you need to enable override high DPI scaling behavior, to do that just follow the steps below :

    Navigate to the Genshin Impact shortcut, right-click on it and then select Properties

    how to minimize the Genshin Impact on PC

    Click on the Compatibility tab and tick the Change high DPI settings option

    Genshin Impact Launcher Too Big fixed

    Now to the last step, in the newly popped-up window, tick the Override high DPI scaling behavior checkbox.

    after saving the changes and restarting your PC, the Genshin Impact launcher size & resolution will be back to normal. But if your launcher is still too big for your screen, then please try the next solution below.

    Edit Windows display settings

    The Windows display settings can make or break your gaming experience, especially while playing games like Genshin Impact.

    So if your launcher seems too big while playing then editing your device’s display settings could be the right thing to do, For that just follow the simple steps below :

    • Right-click your desktop, and then select Display Settings.
    • If you have multiple displays, select the display you want to configure.
    • To change the size of text, apps, and other items, select the drop-down menu and choose how much you want to scale your screen. we recommend choosing 100% resolution option.
    • Select Keep changes to save the settings and display the new configuration.

    That’s it, a few simple steps, and your Windows Display settings are in their optimal state for a better gaming journey.

    Repair or reset your Genshin Impact launcher

    If by any chance both solutions above did not fix your Genshin Impact launcher size issue, then you are left with but one solution to try. that is to Repair your Genshin Impact Launcher by following the steps below :

    The option to repair the game files is hidden under a small configuration cog icon in the upper right corner of the Genshin Impact launcher.

    Genshin impact launcher repair

    Simply click this cog icon to open the settings menu, then scroll down to the bottom until you find the repair game files option shown below, and click that button.

    Genshin impact launcher repair complete

    Now, the game files will be repaired and updated to avoid any corrupted files ruining your gameplay. you can start your game right after and your resolution issues should be gone.

    Update your Windows graphics drivers

    In most cases, the first 2 solutions listed on this Genshin Impact troubleshooting should do the job and fix any launcher size problems. but if all fails then you need to update Your Windows Graphics drivers as soon as possible.

    first of all, on the left side just right-click on the Start icon and then go to the device manager.
    so here in display adapters, you will be able to know which graphics card you have. after that, you just need to do a right-click on update driver and then a search for drivers will start automatically.

    if it says the best driver is already installed, then we just need to click with windows update
    which can take some time up to like 5-10 minutes to fully update your update the graphics drivers.

    And with that, we’ve come to the last of our Genshin Impact launcher troubleshooting guide, please feel free to let us know which solution worked out best for you, or if you have any other Genshin Impact related questions, we’d like to hear from you all the time.

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