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    Fortnite Battle Royale has this early this morning welcomed a new skin for the Idol Series that, this time, allows us to obtain in the current Season 1: Back from Chapter 3 the tennis champion, fashion designer, and entrepreneur Naomi Osaka.

    Naomi is already available in the items store of any of the platforms of the video game via Epic Games. Today on Offmeta Gaming we’ll gladly showcase all the details, prices, and accessories that are included in this Skin.

    How to get the Naomi Osaka skin in Fortnite?

    The Naomi Osaka skin from the Idol Series and its different cosmetics are available in the Fortnite item store starting this Friday, March 4, 2022. We can find the Naomi Osaka skin in its featured section of the Epic Games store and it can be purchased in exchange for Vbucks in the item store of absolutely all platforms of the video game.

    Following is the Naomi Osaka skin, its accessories in Fortnite, and all its details and prices:

    • Naomi Osaka Skin pack: for 2,700 Vbucks; included the two Naomi Osaka skins and all the character’s accessories.
    • Naomi Osaka Skin: for 2,000 Vbucks; also includes the alternative style Queen of the court and the
    • backpack/spike Royal Racket.
    • Naomi Dark Priestess skin: for 1,600 Vbucks; also includes the alternative style Neon Priestess and the
    • Creportal Racket backpack/spike.: for 800 Vbucks.
    • Gesture Maneuver of serve: for 300 Vbucks.

    In the following tweet posted by the official Fortnite account you can check what Naomi’s special gesture looks like:

    As usual, if you want to get the Naomi Osaka skin we highly recommend you grab it quickly so you don’t let it slip away. Moreover, we point out that this skin and its objects are only aesthetic and do not bring any kind of in-game advantages in the Fortnite game modes.

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