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    Today on Offmeta Gaming we’ll share with you the best and latest Escape From Tarkov Graphics Settings. these settings are guaranteed to boost your FPS and also give you better in-game visibility. the game is PC exclusive which means each FPS is critical. A lost frame at an ill-timed instant will mean the difference between life or a shocking fatality.

    Escape from Tarkov is among the rawest and realistic experiences of the multiplayer first-person war action games genre. Plagued with highly lifelike gameplay and mechanics. also, the game is pretty demanding on both CPU & GPU levels.

    Low to mid specs gaming PCs will find it hard to run the game or at least enjoy it a respectable FPS, thankfully our Tarkov Graphics settings that we are sharing with you here are vouched for by even some of the biggest names in the game such as roninmyy & Shroud. So make sure to check the full rundown of all settings.

    Escape From Tarkov Graphics Settings

    Escape From Tarkov Graphics Settings [ HIGHER FPS & BETTER VISIBILITY]

    Managing to get the best graphics settings for Escape from Tarkov Can be very challenging, but still 100% achievable. What we are going to do is to explain what each thing in your Tarcov graphics settings is good for and what to tweak there.

    However, before we jump into all the madness of Tarkov settings, please check out below the minimum requirements to run the game Escape From Tarkov on PC and see if your setup can handle the game or not.

    Minimum requirements to run Escape From Tarkov on PC :

    • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or i3 with 2.4GHz, or 2.6GHz AMD.
    • RAM memory: 6GB
    • Video Card: 1GB DX 11 compatible memory
    • Disk space: 8GB
    • Constant internet connection

    Recommended requirements to run Escape From Tarkov on PC:

    • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel i5, i7 with 3.2GHz or 3.6GHz AMD FX, Athlon
    • RAM memory: 8GB
    • Video Card: 2GB DX 11 compatible memory
    • Disk space: 8GB
    • Constant internet connection

    If you see that your PC can run Tarkov or at least meets the minimum requirements, then please proceed and check our best Tarkov Graphics settings as of the latest game patch found right below :

    • Shadow Visibility: 40
    • Grass Shadows: Off
    • VSync: apagado
    • SSR: off
    • Z-Blur: off
    • Texture quality: medium
    • Antialiasing: FXAA
    • HBAO: off
    • Overall Visibility: 400
    • Sharpness: 0.7
    • FPS game limit: 120
    • noise: on
    • Shadow quality: low
    • Sampling: 1x off
    • Chrome. aberrations: off
    • Screen mode: fullscreen
    • Object LOD quality: 2
    • Lobby FPS Limit: 50
    • Anisotropic filtering: off

    Also, if you prefer a more of a visual guide for the best graphics AND post FX settings in Tarkov, then here is one made by our friends at Samosh showcasing exactly how to overall optimize your in-game settings for better gameplay :

    This concludes our Escape From Tarkov Graphics Settings tutorial, make sure to let us know down below in the comments if these settings helped you with visibility and also if you’ve noticed any FPS boost.

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