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    So what are the best supports for Ashe? Ashe is a ranged carry with a lot of utility and crowd control who has some of the best early damage of ADCs, she excels at poking, zoning, and finishing off enemies from afar. She’s an excellent pick for solo queue because she can hold her own if she gets ganked or caught out of position.

    Furthermore, Ashe is also a very strong pick in competitive play because she has the ability to turn fights around with just one or two well-placed arrows. But what does she need to get the job done? If you want to use Ashe effectively on your team, you need to know which supports will work best with her.

    So what makes a good support for Ashe? The good news is that because Ashe is so incredibly versatile, she could be paired with just about any support in League of Legends. However, there are some supports that have almost a perfect synergy with Ashe’s skill set. Hence, here at OffmetaGaming We have conducted extensive research on your behalf and have come up with the 5 most outstanding Supports to play with Ashe in Season 12.

    best supports for ashe

    Best Supports For Ashe in League of Legends [Season 12]

    Here are the best Supports for Ashe in Season 12:

    • Soraka
    • Alistar
    • Lux
    • Nautilus
    • Braum

    Soraka and Ashe League Of Legends


    Soraka is a great choice if you’re looking for a safe lane partner that’ll help you stay healthy without sacrificing too much damage or utility. She’s also got a lot of crowd control abilities that can help secure kills and slow enemy champions when they try to escape.

    Soraka took the first spot on this list not only because she is an overall OP support pick, but she is also one of the best healers in the game. One example showing how well Ashe and Soaraka synergize together is when Ashe’s slow kicks in and lowers the MS of the enemy team, making it so easy for Soaraka to caste her E ability and silence them for a couple of seconds, which is more than enough time to Ashe to secure the kill or evade back to safety.

    Alistar and Ashe League Of Legends


    Our first tank support on the list is Alistar, he is yet another great support for Ashe because he can knock enemies away from her and stun them with his Headbutt ability. This allows Ashe to deal more damage while being safe from enemy attacks since they’ll be stunned while trying to attack her.

    He also has an AOE knock-up ability which allows Ashe to deal even more damage on enemies and land skill shots with ease, all while keeping a safe distance and using her ranged auto attacks and abilities wisely.

    Lux and Ashe League Of Legends


    3rd place doesn’t mean much if it’s a Lux pick, hands down the most fun support for Ashe. Combined, both champs can poke enemy team Bot lane and Perma shove, zone them out of the farm and even secure some early kills in lane.

    Landing Lux abilities is crucial for a successful laning phase, especially her Light Binding ability which is her main form of CC. Aside from being a very annoying duo to play against, Ashe and Lux can keep their distance while also being able to inflict damage, making the enemy team bot lane beg for ganks and spam ping their Jungler.

    Nautilus and Ashe League Of Legends


    Nautilus is another solid Support pick for Ashe because he has many CC (crowd control) abilities, which will prevent enemies from escaping while she deals damage. He also can make use of some shielding support items that can absorb incoming attacks while protecting his allies from damage.

    Another fact that is less known about Nautilus is the fact that he is the most champion with CC in the game, almost all his abilities and also passive have some sort of crowd control effect, making him an ideal partner for any long-range champion and especially someone like Ashe who can take advantage to that and add to it its own cc and crazy DPS while still keeping a safe distance.

    Braum and Ashe League Of Legends


    Last and not least, Braum is here. according to last season’s statistics, Braum was the most picked support champion with Ashe. They both synergize so well that they’ve become the go-to for a safe Bot lane pick for the competitive pro League of Legends scene for months.

    Overall, Braum will be a great addition to any team because he has lots of CC abilities like slows and stuns combined with high durability stats like health and armor. If you’re looking for tanky support that stays valuable during all laning phases then Braum is the one you need, by far the safest and most reliable pick on our list.

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