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    Today on Offmeta Gaming we’ll be sharing with you what we humbly see as the best Stalker Anomaly addons in 2022. Anomaly is one of the most popular mods on ModDB, and in second place in the user rankings at the time of this article’s publishing. Not surprisingly, it has given the now 12-year-old Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl a completely new glow.

    Exactly as the name suggests, Stalker Anomaly addons are fillers that we can add into the game for a better game immersion. Just think of them as a kind of mods within another mod. Thanks to these Anomaly addons you can notice how the game world has been reworked in numerous places, for example, the lighting effects have been overhauled. It also offers dynamic weather and the option to adjust the frequency of each weather type via the editor.

    So to keep this intro fluff-free, we conducted many tests over the last couple of days to come up with what we can almost guarantee to be the best Stalker Anomaly addons that are 100% compatible & available to use as of right now.

    The Best Stalker Anomaly Addons 2022

    These are the best Stalker Anomaly Addons :

    • HD Model Pack Lite
    • Grok’s Better Sound for Anomaly
    • Weapon Parts Overhaul
    • 1.5.4 Groks Ballistics Overhaul
    • No Mutant Running Attack
    • Arszis Radiation Overhaul V2.1
    • Vanilla Ammo Config for Groks Ballistic Overhaul
    • Autocomplete Unofficial
    • Disable Anim
    • Soundscape Overhaul 3.0

    HD Model Pack Lite stalker anomaly

    HD Model Pack Lite

    A more performance-friendly version of HD Model Addon. The use of this addon depends on preferences. The character models are of higher quality, but they are very different from the original Stalker models, so it can be hard to tell which faction is which.

    Groks Better Sound for Anomaly stalker anomaly

    Grok’s Better Sound for Anomaly

    Note that this is not a typical addon. Make sure not to install it using the mod manager. It is a modification of the sound DLL, which should be in the [ bin ] directory.

    Weapon Parts Overhaul mod stalker anomaly

    Weapon Parts Overhaul

    next, we have one of the must-have Stalker Anomaly addons if you really wanna take your gameplay to the next level. This changes the old-style repair & jamming process, without having to use a vice, you can now refine weapon components on the fly. However, you still need the vice to replace the barrel and do all other activities such as upgrading.

    154 Groks Ballistics Overhaul mod

    1.5.4 Groks Ballistics Overhaul

    when using this Anomaly addon, you’ll notice Changes in armor type in terms of bullet type. Also for you to combat a heavily armored enemy, AP armor must be used. Shotgun Buck Shot no longer is meaningless against armored targets. Keep in mind that this add-on also alters the texture icon of the ammo to a custom texture.

    No Mutant Running Attack mod anomaly stalker

    No Mutant Running Attack

    Altering the behavior of some in-game mutations such as Pseudodog, sniper, cat, dog; they will no longer automatically target you. Doing so means you can dodge their attacks in one jump.


    Arszis Radiation Overhaul V2.1

    This add-on serves as a total radiation override. Meaning radiations are now more dangerous, but in a way that impairs health and resistance to high doses, not directly harmful. Only a doctor will be able to fully treat your radiation, if it doesn’t heal within a few days, game over.

    Vanilla Ammo Config for Groks Ballistic Overhaul

    Vanilla Ammo Config for Groks Ballistic Overhaul

    Use Ballistic Upgrade icons or other modified ammunition icons. even though the fix doesn’t solve the problem very well, it just makes the custom texture look vanilla, and it’s not a very good fix to make the custom icon add-on work.

    Autocomplete Unofficial stalker anomaly

    Autocomplete Unofficial

    You get the reward automatically rather than having to run back to the person who submitted the task. Essential: Be aware that you will have to combine the fix manually with other add-ons that interfere with the in-game jobs.

    Disable Anim stalker anomaly

    Disable Anim

    This add-on ensures that the above FDDA add-on will work even if the object animation is disabled. In other words, you can use the nice food and enhancement animations without the annoying animations being enabled.

    Soundscape Overhaul 30 mod

    Soundscape Overhaul 3.0

    Replacing ambient sound effects. Very important: please note that many mutant add-ons will require patches to function properly with this add-on.

    This concludes our rundown of the best Stalker Anomaly addons, we’ll make sure to keep this list up to date and also add new addons if we deem them worthy of being shared. if you have questions related to our anomaly addons list or just any random questions! feel free to ask them in the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to reply to them asap.

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    1. that’s a cool list of people playground mods , but just a heads up for everyone playing the game . NO MUTANT RUNNING ATTACK mod no longer is working . at least for me . other than that i’ve tried most mods on this list and they are really fun to try . peace !