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    So you’re looking for the best Skyrim builds! well, look no further for we’ve got it all here. Hours and hours of role-playing thanks to a massive Skyrim, featuring side quests generated by the various factions, a multitude of NPCs, dialogues, races, fights, and a lot more. Skyrim is a game that is widely regarded as a must-play RPG game.

    First released in 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The game was first released for PlayStation 4 (PS3), Xbox 360, and PC, however, five years later the title made its debut on PS4 and Xbox One. It didn’t take long before in 2017 the game was also launched for Nintendo Switch. The game’s storyline is centered around the character Dragonborn who has the goal of defeating Alduin, the Devourer of Worlds, a dragon that was prophesied to destroy the world.

    Skyrim has been highly commended by critics, mostly because of the character development and the scenery, making it one of the best games of all time. So today at Offmeta gaming we elected to hand-pick the 10 best Skyrim builds, based on personal experience as massive Skyrim fans.

    The 10 Best Skyrim Builds 2022

    The Best Skyrim Builds To Try In 2022

    These are the best Skyrim builds :

    • The Dragonborn
    • The Dancer of Two Moons (Modded)
    • The Lamp Descendent
    • The Warrior of the Reclamations
    • The Reaver (Modded)
    • The Zealot
    • Shadeling (Modded)
    • The Bonelord of Worms (Modded)
    • The Chimera
    • The Demonhunter

    The Dragonborn

    no doubt showcasing the best Skyrim builds would be incomplete without featuring the king’s protagonist the last Dragonborn, while there has been plenty of Dragonborn builds over the years Today at OffMeta Gaming we decided to go with what we believe is the best one.

    From badcompanysarge the idea of this cool Skyrim build was to make a Dragonborn character based on the cinematic trailers while also making it viable to play on legendary difficulty. focusing on one-handed as his major skill, the build uses enchanting to increase his damage along with alteration to upgrade its armor rating.

    Alchemy is also a major factor as it provides potions for healing magic, resistance, as well as boosting the other crafting skills to handle the high difficulty setting, this build’s backstory is about a northern mercenary who wants to fill his life with purpose and it’s safe to say that this is precisely the Dragonboard Bethesda intended and will likely be introduced in future elder scrolls installments. the full Dragonborn build guide can be found here

    The Dancer of Two Moons - Skyrim build

    The Dancer of Two Moons (Modded)

    Our next Skyrim build is from two high-profile members of the skyforge community who worked together to create what is perhaps the best honorable build for Skyrim. this build does not only use mods to improve combat and gameplay but also gives a lore-friendly backstory about the khajiit and the importance of their skills as martial artists.

    The Dancer Of Two Moons is how an honorable build ought to be, which relies on movement speed and attacks of opportunity to overpower its opponents. furthermore, there are skills in blocking and two-handed while wielding a quarterstaff that has created damaging multiple opponents and providing self-defense. the full build guide can be found here

    However it’s the alchemy skill where this build shines by boosting the levels of stamina which is the key attribute in damaging enemies with your fists or claws for that matter you can even craft a potion of alteration to extend the slow time shout and in doing so can wipe out an entire group of enemies in its duration while there is a fair share of honorable builds, especially with the khajiits , the dancer of two moons showcases how important martial arts are connected to their society instead of just using the extra unarmed damage for advantage purposes.

    Skyrim build - The Lamp Descendant

    The Lamp Descendent

    another build comes from another well-known author one who’s been making high quality builds ever since Skyrim came out and while several ponty’s builds would easily make it to our best Skyrim builds list, we decided to go with the ever-popular overpowered the lamp descended since this build makes great use of Skyrim’s mechanics along with a great backstory.

    The Lamp Descendent is about establishing a faction the order of the lamp that was once prominent in high rock as a faction from the mages guild but would later be disbanded, roleplaying as one of his last remaining members who traveled to Skyrim to establish a new headquarters while protecting its citizens from magical threats in doing so the build utilizes shot magic poisons and Staff of Magnus to combat mages and necromancers while also fighting against the undead on top of that there’s also special tactics where this build shines especially when creating an endless supply of Magicka that can be unleashed with a lightning storm.

    Overall this vanilla build is one of the funniest playthroughs you’ll ever come by and we advise you to give it a try . you can find the full build guide here

    Skyrim build - The Warrior of the Reclamations

    The Warrior of the Reclamations

    Next up is a more of a personal pick, a build that will not only get you fully invested in Skyrim but will also immerse you in the fascinating culture of the dark elves. The Warrior of the Reclamations is the first and probably the only Skyrim build where you will be itching to complete all the main quests in a single playthrough, and yet still find the stamina to explore all of Skyrim and even fight the ebony warrior for the first time if you’re new to the game.

    The fighting is pretty straightforward using destruction and conjuration magic from afar and then finishing your foes with the MPD blade, of course, our favorite part of the build is its deep connection to the Delmar culture, especially with the three Daedra: Azura, Raphael, and Boethius.

    Since then we have been captivated by the full backstory of the dunmer in Tamriel for they are considered a favorite among players of all playable races. if you feel this Skyrim build is for you, then you can learn more about it here.

    Skyrim build - The Reaver

    The Reaver (Modded)

    Do you ever wonder if the last Dragonborn was a vampire, you will find out thanks to this Skyrim build. The Reaver tells the story of a once proud and powerful warrior who served the dragons long ago but was betrayed by the priests entombing her alone and left for Eldon’s judgment

    But when the world eater returned she is awakened and despite being in a weakened state she pledges to prevent Aldo’s annihilation of Tamriel while also getting revenge on the dragon priests

    Wearing heavy armor and armed with a blood skull blade the reaver relies on the powers of blood magic thanks to the sacrosanct mod which gives her supernatural strength including shots from thunderchild and you got yourself a build that’s more than just a typical two-handed warrior a build that uses multiple methods to dispatch your foes all while wreaking havoc on the battlefield in a blood feud frenzy

    Of course, the aggressive playstyle is what most players will like about this build but we’re sure you’ve always wondered whether the Dragonborn was a vampire and this build is by far the best representation for that matter. A more in-depth guide to this build can be found here

    The Zealot - Skyrim build

    The Zealot

    From a vampire build to one that hunts them down The Zealot is a paladin that uses one simple method of fighting evil, violence. After all, Skyrim is filled with abominations corruption necromancy, Ancestral worship are all present in his region and if the divines won’t bring justice to them then this is where The Zealot comes in. the build used a variety of tools to dispatch their foes like Summoning rune & sun spells against the undead and flesh and healing spills for defensive purposes.

    From a role-playing perspective, it’s all about honor and devotion, no stealing or committing any crimes, and only devoting yourself to being good and caring for others. While being a simple approach it’s a great way to introduce newcomers to how to role-play a Paladin-type character in Skyrim and with a large number of threats to deal with, there are plenty of ways to root out evil.

    Skyrim Shadeling build

    Shadeling (Modded)

    The knight blade is a popular choice when it comes to elder scrolls classes mainly with the creativity you get with the stealth and magic combinations especially when you add in modded spells, this is what the Shadeling build has to offer.

    An arcane assassin that uses a mix of illusion and destruction spells that provide new unique ways to take out opponents the build uses teleportation methods like the blink spell same one from the designer games along with ghost walk and shadowbond from the apocalypse spell package mod which are great as singling out targets.

    Skyrim best builds - The Bonelord of Worms

    The Bonelord of Worms (Modded)

    another popular class to play in Skyrim is the necromancer, while his skills are quite limited to just raising the dead. that hasn’t stopped much from reaching his full potential which is what you get with The Bonelord of Worms build.

    The Bonelord uses the warlock spells from forgotten magic redone compiling a disease in death magic along with the ability to summon skeletons, speaking of skeletons you can create an army of them with a percuss Maximus mod by harvesting bones and human flesh from your fallen victims.

    more importantly, though is on death the ever-popular quest mod where you seek ancient knowledge to become a lich, what you get from these mods is an overpowered necromancer roleplaying as an outright villain attacking anyone on-site who has aimed at becoming ruler of Skyrim. truly one of the remarkable Skyrim builds for those that want to roleplay as the evilest person in Tamriel.

    Skyrim build The Demonhunter

    The Demonhunter

    Lastly, we’ll finish off with the classic Demonhunter build, the crossbow-wielding combatant from the diablo games that are as deadly up close as from the distance. While the snake archer has arguably been the most popular playstyle since Skyrim was released, the Demonhunter provides the opposite and more engaging ways of taking out enemies.

    Other than the crossbow the Demonhunter can also bash their opponents up close by using fire destruction spells to incinerate their foes and offensive restoration magic that deals with the undead

    Heavy armor, alteration, and alchemy are used for survivability, augmented skills, and crafting poisons, and let’s not forget about slow, time the perfect shot to be used with the combat archers playstyle.

    the build has become so popular over the years that there have been many takes on it mostly thanks to the use of Skyrim mods that introduced some new concepts and ideas but still provide that fun and engaging style of a combat archer bend on destroying evil monstrosities.

    Well there you have it 10 best Skyrim builds that showcase some fun and unique ways of establishing a character in its northern province. also if you’re into build and stuff then we’re sure you will like our guide on how to become a werewolf in Skyrim.

    So if there are any builds that you consider a favorite or if you’ve created one that was quite enjoyable for a playthrough feel free to mention it in the comment section and we’ll make sure to give it a look.

    In case you’ve missed it, here are some of our other Skyrim guides:

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