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    Finding the best scary Roblox games to play with friends can be time-consuming sometimes, the reason behind that is that there are more than 200 titles available to play in the scary Roblox games category. Roblox is a sandbox MMO (free-to-play online multiplayer) that is aimed at children and youth where players from around the world can create adventures, play games, engage in role-playing games, and interact with friends, all in an interactive and immersive 3D environment that is family-friendly.

    Roblox is free and provides players with the right tools to set their imagination free thanks to its rich universe of games, many of which are user-generated by its massive community. However, since it has tons of games to choose from, it’s no easy task to find the right ones for you and your mates to participate in. So today at Offmeta Gaming we hand-picked the 10 best scary Roblox games to play with friends in 2022.

    10 best Scary Roblox Games To Play With Friends 2022

    10 best Scary Roblox Games To Play With Friends in 2022

    Here are the best scary Roblox games to play with friends in 2022 :

    • Cult of The Cryptids
    • Piggy
    • Murder Mystery 2
    • Dark Corners
    • JailBreak
    • Specter
    • The Asylum
    • Ronald
    • The Rake
    • The Mimic
    Roblox horror game - Cult of The Cryptids

    Cult of The Cryptids

    We kick off our Roblox horror games multiplayer list with one of the most played Roblox games in 2022, The Cult Of The Cryptids is a horror adventure game, a game you and your friends are guaranteed to enjoy, especially if you’re gaming after dark.

    The Cult Of The Cryptids is currently a work in progress but with many more updates to follow such as the Cryptid’s weapons and possibly map revamps, for sure this game will be atmospheric.

    Of course, some items are critical to your survival there are also objectives that you need to accomplish so that you can play the best possible way and win. the game features several types of weaponry but mostly handguns.

    As for the cryptids which are considered your main enemy in the game, which is always hostile to anyone the strange creatures were crafted by Trevor Henderson, a Canadian horror artist and illustrator the game is very beautiful and unbelievably well detailed.

    You can play The Cult of The Cryptids here.

    Piggy is the Roblox horror game in 2022


    Piggy is one of the very popular Roblox scary games. It is a parody of a videogame named Granny, but its story and some of the elements are based on the British children’s TV show Peppa Pig

    Players can be either survivors or Piggy in this game. The objective of the survivors is to solve different puzzles and to escape while evading Piggy before the time runs out. Piggy’s objective is to catch all players, or at least keep players from escaping.

    You can play Piggy Here.

    Roblox Murder Mystery 2

    Murder Mystery 2

    Murder mystery 2, is a great horror experience developed by the user Nikilis. In 2014, the game was upgraded to version 2.0 which we now know as Murder mystery 2, becoming the most visited game in February 2017, with more than 500 million unique visitors.

    Within the game features, you will find multiple modes, consisting of three modes: casual mode, hardcore mode, and murderer mode. The player can switch his role and therefore game mode at any moment throughout the game.

    You can play Murder Mystery 2 Here.

    Roblox The Rake game 2022

    The Rake

    The Rake is one of the most famous scary multiplayer games in Roblox. the objective here is just to survive the oncoming of the very scary monster that wants to eliminate the players on the server. the game lasts for one night, and the one who stands last will be crowned the winner.

    What makes The Rake so fearsome is the continuous darkness and the fact that your range of vision is limited to the scope of your flaming torch. Throughout the game it is possible to experience all kinds of terrifying sound effects as well as eerie images and scenery for all involved, keeping the atmosphere of tension at a constant state.

    You can play The Rake Here.

    Roblox horror game - Dark Corners

    Dark Corners

    Dark Corners is one of the most played and enjoyed Roblox multiplayer horror games and it has earned a place on today’s list.

    Dark Corners deliver a scary experience by gathering shards and pursuing certain goals, not only is the game scary but it is pretty challenging, it is not the kind of difficulty you want in a game nevertheless the primary focus of this game is to scare you as much as it can and build you braver as you overcome all the chapters while picking up shards.

    Each player has three skills dash here and vision, they are set on cooldowns so you can’t abuse them. There are monsters located in each chapter and they will not stop at anything to overpower you. if you lost all three of your lives you will be defeated

    as far as modes go, the game offers both a single-player experience and multiplayer mode, overall the music fits so well that you might as well play the game all night long. We could not recommend this game enough if you are looking forward to scaring yourself forever then this game does it for your best friends.

    You can play Dark Corners here.

    Roblox Specter game


    if you are seeking something to frighten your friends and most definitely put them in a state of an endless nightmare then this game is for you another horror Specter game will test your biggest fears alongside a lot of other people who are undergoing the same thing.

    Specter is one of those scary Roblox games with jumpscares multiplayer, and always a super brain teaser to play with friends in this Roblox horror game, uncover evidence scout and guess correctly who the ghost is, and you will be well rewarded with money to obtain new items and help you in finding even more evidence.

    you can play Specter here.

    Roblox Ronald is scary


    When it comes to scary Roblox games to play with friends, This game is what you want, Ronald is a game similar to piggy, and granny in terms of game mechanics which are the same.

    It is a game based on rounds where the goal is basically to stay alive, the gameplay rotates around two roles the player and Ronald. as players, you have to use the items to escape and subdue Ronald if he ever is trying to squash you with this giant hammer, as Ronald you just have to catch the any of the participating players and they are doomed.

    The game is separated into six parts or maps and there are various game modes and skins abilities for you to explore and enjoy with your friends.

    You can play Ronald here.

    The Mimic - Roblox horror game

    The Mimic

    The Mimic is a thrilling Roblox horror game in which you are going to try to find a group of your missing friends, plus you are going to dive into a terrifying world full of scary monsters and stuff.

    This game can be played by a single player up to five times or six if you want to enter full nightmare mode, the game features two chapters and two separate objectives, locations, and stories, and not for the faint-hearted.

    the game’s story is fairly creepy especially since it is in the first person and we hope you don’t wet your pants while playing it.

    You can play The Mimic here.

    Roblox scary games to play with freinds and familly - Jailbreak


    JailBreak is one of the most popular Roblox games, but if you are brand new to the platform you may not be familiar with it yet. In this game, the inmates will escape from prison, and while fleeing from the police, they carry out different delinquent activities.

    It is a role-playing game, so you can decide whether you want to be an escapee or a policeman, and you can even build your team. It benefits from receiving very powerful updates that enhance the user experience and provide more options to the game.

    You can play Jailbreak here.

    The Asylum game in Roblox

    The Asylum

    The Asylum is essentially a game about paranormal investigations what you are going to do is go to places with paranormal activity and figure out what is causing this paranormal activity, there are five maps and a lot of wearable items, a rich plot and environment, and pretty much the amount of scare that will make you wet your bed at night.

    This Roblox Horror game is an interactive exploration-type puzzle-based game where your goal is to discover the mystery of the deserted asylum, it’s pretty much abandoned and a real scare, so let’s say you’re going to be playing a Roblox version of outlast.

    you can play The Asylum here.

    Alright, Our today’s listicle ends here, as always guys, we care about your opinions guys and we want to know what’s your favorite Roblox Scary game that you like playing with friends. hit that comment box and let us know all about it.

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