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    What are the best Rimworld seeds? RimWorld is a perfect example of the reality that no matter how much you have planned, you can still possibly fail, and that success is all but guaranteed.

    Ludeon Studios‘ highly complex and incredibly customizable survival management simulator was a huge success. RimWorld is about three survivors who have fallen from a crashed ocean liner, and you must ensure their survival. You’ll have to attend to their needs, their mental and physical states, and any possible illnesses that might appear at any moment.

    RimWorld ‘s incredibly smart AI engine introduces unexpected events to keep you on your toes about what might happen next. The game has many extensive features that allow customization and control of every detail of the game. one of these features are what’s called Seeds.

    Today at OffMeta Gaming We took the liberty of exploring some of them, and we discovered the best RimWorld seeds that are worth sharing with you. but first, let’s find out how do they really work.


    Seeds can affect the shape of the world map, thanks to the Rimworld seed generator, which can produce countless random worlds, and as with many random generators, it needs good seeds to produce good random values

    So if a certain Rimworld seed generates a world, that specific world can be regenerated in another machine as long as the same engine and seed are present.

    Remember that you can always click “Randomize” and use whatever seeds come up. However, certain gameplays may require different world maps, and it’s a very good practice to remember the RimWorld seeds for use in the future or to be shared with the RimWorld community.


    These are the best Rimworld seeds:

    • Knife Seed
    • Parka Seed
    • Farmer Seed
    • Salame Seed
    • Strike Seed
    Rimworld seed Knife


    • Seed name: knife
    • Global coverage: 30%
    • Map size: Medium 275×275 (75625 cells)
    • Coordinates : 40.81°N and 10.77°W

    There is a reason why we start our list with this one, it’s because it is simply considered RimWorld Best seed for Beginners. Not only that but Knife seed is by far our top pick when it comes to mountain bases.

    Located near two ancient crips and also with some juicy farming spots with its only drawback being the paratroopers of Mechanites and infestation, the latter can be fixed easily by turning off infestation if you don’t want to deal with that.

    Rimworld seed Parka


    • Seed name: Parka
    • Globale Converage : 50%
    • Map size: Medium 275×275 (75625 cells)
    • Coordinates : 8.97°S and 10.93°W

    If there is anything Rimworld players are always eager to stumble upon, then it’s Ideology and royal. Thankfully this Seed has them both. furthermore, it is littered with small hidden areas.

    Including One big one to the bottom right & one small spot that opens to the outside in the upper right, An ancient danger in the top right corner. The one spot that opens to the outside has like 30 tiles between the valley. Without Any more spoilers, we’ll leave it to you to fully explore this cool Rimwold seed.

    Rimworld seed Farmer


    • Seed name: farmer
    • Globale Converage : 30%
    • Map size: N/A
    • Coordinates : 50.78°N and 13.75°W

    We opened our secret ”good Rimworld seeds 2021” folder and we got you this one. farmer is a seed that never runs out of fun things to do, if you’re a new player then things might get pushy but overall you would still have some fun all around.

    Here is an easter egg for you, The undiscovered parts will not spawn any raids, but if you open a path (or up to a 1 tile wall) they will start to spawn there. So be careful where you dig. sadly the upper third of the map is basically the only place you can dig.

    Rimworld seed Salame


    • Seed name: Salame
    • Globale Converage : 30%
    • Map Size : default
    • Coordinates: 50.12°N, 0.23°W

    Salame falls under the Rimwolrd seeds ideology & royalty category, which makes it very looked after. Thanks to the areas around it rich in resources such as Sandstone, Granite, and Lime

    this zone is a little warmer than the average Rimworld Seeds, it includes 6 geo’s (2 close where you landed), and you can always use the space in the south to start and then expand to reach other geo’s

    Rimworld seed Strike


    • Seed name: Strike
    • Globale Converage : 50%
    • Map Size : (250, 1, 250)
    • Coordinates: 29.19°N, 0.73°E

    What sets this Rimworld seed apart from all the other messy mountain variants is the fact that there will be up to 4 Steam Geysers scattered throughout the open areas. If you’re a fan of long-term, more reliable energy and don’t have a problem putting in a bit of work, this is a great map for your gaming needs.

    Things that are great about the strick seed include Mountainous tile limits raiders’ spawn direction. As many as five steam geysers to utilize and lastly, the river running through the central area offers some early and well-needed sources.

    Below are some honorable mentions of more seeds that did not make the list of our top 5, but feel free to check them out in case you find yourselves wanting more Rimworlds seeds to explore.

    rimworld best seeds 2022 1
    rimworld best seeds 2022 6
    rimworld best seeds 2022 3
    rimworld best seeds 2022 5

    Those are all the best Rimworld seeds we’ve found, we’ll make sure to add new seeds to our list if we deem them worthy. Also, we’d love to hear what you think about our seeds list? hit the Comment box below. your opinions are highly appreciated

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