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    If you’re a Phoenix Point fan, you probably know how hard it can be to get the best mods. But fear not, we here at Offmeta Gaming have done the heavy lifting for you! We have compiled what we humbly think are the top 10 best mods for Phoenix Point and we are ready to share them with you.

    Created by Snapshot Games back in 2019, Phoenix Point is one of the most exciting new games to hit the market. Thanks to its high-concept sci-fi story, in-depth strategy, and gorgeous visuals, this game has captured the hearts of gamers around the world.

    But Phoenix Point isn’t just about great gameplay. There is also a thriving community of modders who are constantly creating new content for the game! So if you’re looking for an extra challenge or just want something different from what comes out of the box, these Phoenix Point mods are definitely worth checking out. Best Phoenix Point Mods

    [TOP 10] Best Phoenix Point Mods

    Here are the best Phoenix Point mods:

    • Retrievable Items
    • Ovis Balance
    • UI Tweaks
    • Spill Exp to Skill
    • No Ambush. No Nothing.
    • Phoenix Point Mod Loader
    • Console Enabler
    • Assorted Adjustments

    Retrievable Items

    We start our list with one of the most downloaded Phoenix Point mods, Retrievable Items is the name of this mod and this one is a must-have if you hate the luck-based system that regulates loot drops in Phoenix Point.

    This mod will make it so that items dropped from the enemy which you personally have not destroyed would always be dropped on the battlefield. This is so helpful and quite time-saving since Phoenix Point is a turn-based game, and every second matters.

    Ovis Balance

    Ovis Balance introduces a number of tweaks and balance adjustments into the game, ranging from adjusting the deployment cap, full-body augmentations, burning laser, independent equipment, rage blast cap, and many other features.

    Another cool feature is the fact that you can also have your enemies be programmed to voluntarily drop their armor and equipment. In order to use this mod, you will need either Modnix or Phoenix Point Mod Loader as supporting mods. You will also need to re-setup after each patch of the game.

    UI Tweaks

    One of the lacking features in Phoenix Point is its Geoscape interface, but thanks to this mod that is all but yesterday’s news. UI Tweaks is a QoL mod created by Sheepy and aims to improve the in-game Geoscape’s interface by adding new tweaks and features.

    To name a few of them, there is one option to keep the game paused when a vehicle is commanded to move, and also keep the game paused and centered when soldiers have been rested and recovered, consistently displays Haven’s recruitment and trade icons, and much other cool features.


    Spill Exp to Skill

    Spill Exp to Skill is by far one of the most popular Phoenix Points mods, although it’s a simple one but still very handy. Simply put, this mod will convert overflown soldiers’ Exp into skill points, which in turn help you progress faster in the game and also make the gameplay less repetitive.

    Same as all other mods listed here, this one also requires the Phoenix Point Mod Loader to function correctly. In case you notice some bugs or stuttering when interacting with in-game soldiers, then it’s advised to rerun the mod loader injector after every game patch.

    Well now that you have found out some cool Phoenix Point mods, jump in and give them a go! Also, Is this list acceptable to you? Which other mods do you currently use when playing Phoenix Point? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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